Our team of photographers are specially selected based on their talents and experiences in wedding shoots to capture the best of every wedding.

Wedding Photographer

Daryl Lee

Daryl is an up & coming photographer for wedding shoots. He adds beauty and creativity to his works with his myriad skills to meet the ever-evolving requirements of his clients. Daryl believes in capturing the most important moments of every wedding and providing the couples the valuable keepsake they cherish. He embodies the faith that every defining moment is worth capturing.

"On numerous occasions, we are so caught up in wanting to take the photo of the particular moment that we become lost trying to capture the image and not enjoying it. Looking at images from the past brings out memories and emotions; just like how you feel when you hear a memorable song." - Daryl Lee


Beyond wedding photos, videos are the best way to capture the best moments of your wedding—from your proposal, pre-wedding shoot, ROM, to the very night of your wedding banquet.

Check out the following wedding videographers that tell your love story and recreates your precious memories in film.

Wedding Videographer

Wedding Proposal Videographer

Peter Lee

A wedding proposal has also been one of the romantic time for a couple. Capture your precious propsoal memories in film with breathtaking aerial drone shooting with Peter.

With a clever mix of candid, romantic, and sentimental moments, his film are more than just a conventional wedding video.

Peter takes special care to capture every little detail and emotion on this special proposal day so that you can always look back to relive the touching moment that marks the beginning of a marriage. 

Wedding & Bridal Makeup Artists

A good makeup artist is essential for every bride.

Engage one from our team of talented makeup artists who are equipped with both experience and skills to create that stunning and perfect bridal look for you on your wedding day.

Wedding Makeup

Joanne Toh

Joanne has 12 years of experience as a professional wedding makeup artist. In her years of profession, it is her passion and love in making every bride the most beautiful woman on her special day,  that keeps her enjoying what she does. 


Wedding favors can be fun and creative. Check out our novelty gifts that everyone will be happy to bring home.


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