WEDDING JAZZ BAND| Wedding live band

Engage our jazzy live music band to enhance your wedding event and entertain your guests.

Wedding Musician

Linus Lee - Music Director | Pianist | Vocal | Music Arranger

Linus is a pop & jazz pianist. He has been actively involved in the local jazz music scene since 1994.

For Jazz, Linus has been the residential pianist in the Thomson Big Band. He has also performed in numerous jazz festivals in Canada, India,  Thailand,  Japan and Australia. as well as the Singapore Jazz Festival.

For musicals Linus has also been involved as musician in major local musicals productions such as Full Monty , Chang and Eng, The Forbidden City, They Are Playing My Song, I Have A Date With Spring, Mr Beng! and December Rain. He has also toured with musicals to Beijing, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

For  pop music, Linus has also been active in local club scene, playing in several Top 40 and Canto Pop band. He has also participated Singapore Day in New York, USA 2007 

Throughout his music career, Linus has worked with many artist like Dick Lee, Kitt Chan, Hossan Leong, Anita Sarawak, Babes Conde, as well as renowned musicians like Iskandar Ismail, Goh Keng Long and Ernie Watts (Legendary saxophonist from US)

Wedding Jazz Band

ORIENTAL JAZZ (Fusion of Chinese pop and Jazz)

If you like Chinese Pop and wish to be entertained in a stylish and jazzy feel, the Oriental Jazz Band is what you need. Performing with vocal in a quartet or trio of professional musicians, the band brings back familiar Chinese tunes presented in a swing or bossa nova style, giving your event a stylish and classy touch.

Song selections:

对你爱不完 |我愿意 |特别的爱给特别的你 |爱如潮水 |亲密爱人 | many more...

Wedding Jazz Band



Be entertained by our stylish jazz band with a fusion of English Pop and Jazz music. Our jazz band will perform your familiar English pop tunes rearranged in jazz styles to give a classy musical touch to your special day.

Song selections:

All of Me | I'm Yours | Just the Way You Are | A Thousand Years | Can't Take My Eyes Off You | many more....

Wedding Jazz Band


Be delighted by our jazz trio or quartet that will add a classy and jazzy feel to your event. The Standard Jazz Band will entertain your guests, performing various swing, bossa nova, latin and fusion jazz music.

Song Selections:

Fly Me To the Moon | All Of Me | Misty | The Way You Look Tonight | Summertime |many more...

Wedding Pianist Singer


Be entertained by our talented jazz pop pianist cum singer with our very special musical style of Oriental Jazz and Pop Jazz. Add a stylish touch to your wedding event with the sound of the pop jazz piano and singing and make it a memorable experience for your guests.

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