Every wedding couple wants to make their wedding extra special, entertaining and unforgettable. Don’t you?


Masterpiece Entertainment

Imagine having a wedding that is filled with music, singing, dance, circus arts, magic and more

Masterpiece will create this very special and musical wedding for you


About Us

With an ardent desire to create a stylish yet entertaining and memorable wedding for newly-weds on their special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, Masterpiece is born.

Masterpiece aims to engage and entertain your wedding guests through professional emcee and thematic celebrations. Masterpiece wants to be part of this eventful  milestone in your life, to provide you with blissful memories of a lifetime. 

So for once in your life, own a Masterpiece!  

Your Wedding. Your Masterpiece.

We make your wedding a masterpiece with our special wedding performances


Wedding Entertainment Performance Show

Our Signature Wedding Theme Shows

Make your wedding different special and unforgettable with our signature Wedding Theme Shows! A wedding that is filled with music, singing, dance, circus arts, magic and more.

Professional Wedding Emcee Singapore

Our Wedding SHOWMASTER & WEDDINg Emcee

Make your wedding extra special and musical with Linus Lee, our Wedding Showmaster and Wedding Emcee!

Wedding Jazz Band Music

Our Wedding Live Bands

Engage our jazzy music band to enhance your wedding event and entertain your guests.

Wedding Dance Performance Entertainment

Our Wedding Dances

Enter your ballroom in your march-in and wow your guests with the performance of our dancers.

Wedding Clown

Our Wedding Clown

Engage our wedding clown to add some funny and sparkling moments to your wedding event!


Wedding Magician

Let our wedding magician entertain your guest and enhance your event with his performance!

Wedding Photographer

Our Wedding Photographer

Engage one of our talented photographers to capture all the beautiful moments of your wedding ceremony and event.

Wedding Videographer


Engage one of our talented videographers to capture all the precious moments of your wedding ceremony and event.

wedding favours

Our Wedding Favours

Wedding favors can be fun and creative. Check out our novelty gifts that everyone will be happy to bring home.