Engage our wedding magician performance to engage your guest & enhance your event.


Engage a magician for a stage or up-close performance to have different entertaining experience for your guests. Let your them be engaged in a fun time by the magic performance to add some magical moments to your wedding event.


wedding magician entertainment performance
Wedding Magician Entertainment Performance

Tommy Kian

Singapore young but talented and entertaining Magician

Tommy is one of the top 5 close up magicians in Singapore. His burning passion started when he was 15 years old, when his peer was able to read his mind and tell him what card he thought of. With the determination to pursue the art of magic, Tommy has spent countless of hours perfecting his craft and performing around Singapore for various audiences, mesmerising youngsters and elders altogether. Tommy specialises in Close up

Magic, otherwise known as Street Magic or Roving Magic. He brings miracles up-close and personal to the audience.

 Tommy was a Finalist for Singapore Biggest Close Up Magic Competition 2008 although he only was 16 years old. That motivated him to practice harder and come back until in 2012 he won all the competitions, making him one of the best winning award Magicians in Singapore.

 With his achievements, Tommy was featured in Television Programs such as “Asia got Talent” and even Channel U variety show “Let’s Talk 3”. He was invited to perform in Brunei in 2011. He holds contracts with many restaurants in Singapore: Swissotel The Stamford, Equinox among them.

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