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Wedding Emcee Singapore

Introducing …

Linus Lee

Wedding Emcee | Showmaster | Pianist | Singer

“Voted as Top 5 Wedding Emcee in Singapore by”

If you are looking to make your wedding event extra special, Linus is the one to go for. He’s not just your regular professional emcee but a Wedding Showmaster with 15 years of experience who does everything from hosting to singing and even performing as a pianist.

In the area of performing, Linus is also an accomplished musician since 1994 and he could be seen appearing in both local and international jazz festivals like Japan, Australia and Canada.

With his many years of wedding hosting and performing experience, Linus will turn your wedding big day event into a masterpiece experience that’s going to be musical and unforgettable.

Wedding Theme Show

Linus will work his musical magic to create a special Thematic Wedding Show through his show hosting with music, vocal, dance, magic, circus act and other add-on entertainments.

Pillars of a Strong Marriage

Linus believes in not just the perfect weddings, but also long-lasting and happy marriages. Building a happy and healthy relationship is a continuous process

In his wedding show, Linus will bring the pillars of a strong marriage to life. Through his hosting, games and performances, the significance of each pillar is revealed to the couple

Linus hopes that as the couple start their new journey, these pillars will stay as the cornerstone of their happy marriage for years to come.

Our very special Wedding Showmaster & Emcee service

Not just a wedding emcee, you will be receiving our Wedding Showmaster package which includes:

Service 1 - Wedding Emcee

  • Bilingual hosting

Service 2 - Live Entertainment

  • Vocal and piano performances

Service 3 - Creation of Wedding Theme Show

  • Creation of a thematic wedding entertainment depending on the add-on packages e.g music, vocal, dance, live band, magic and circus act

Service 4 - Music Arrangement

  • March–in music coordination

  • Event background music coordination

(Sound system excluded)

Service 5 - Pillars of a Strong Marriage - A wedding event with a purpose

  • Introduction of the "Pillars of a Strong Marriage" in the wedding event

  • Stage game hosting infusing the "Pillars of a Strong Marriage"

Service 6 - Event Coordination

  • Coordination of programme on the wedding event day

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Create A Masterpiece Wedding Event With Our Wedding Theme Entertainment That Is Filled With Music, Singing, Dance, Circus Arts, Magic And More.


"Emcee is one of the key elements that sets the mood and vibe of a wedding, and Linus certainly did a phenomenal job hosting ours! His eloquence, energy, natural wit and humour kept the audience entertained and we received a lot of good comments from our friends after the wedding. Linus is also a very talented singer and pianist – which is also a huge plus factor on why he is a very in-demand host for weddings! We are really blessed to have Linus to host our big day; his professionalism and years of experience enabled us to relax and enjoy our celebration, which would otherwise be a stressful one for many couples." - Chuen Buan & Nihua

"Linus is the best emcee we have ever engaged. He is effectively bilingual and entertaining. He is also energized and spontaneous in hosting games which filled the night with lots of fun and laughter. Linus is quick-witted and responded well to impromptu situations. Thanks Linus for making our wedding banquet a memorable one." - Wilson & Jaslin

"We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Linus for being the emcee for our wedding and making our special day memorable for our family and friends. Thanks also for the impromptu piano accompaniment and showcasing your versatility in making the event a warm and light hearted one which relieved us much of the pressure and stress so that we can thoroughly enjoy ourselves. We would highly recommend Linus for his professionalism and for a job well done! Forever grateful!" - Jason & Shan

"Linus was our wedding emcee back in 2011. Weddings are a one-time affair and we are glad that you did an awesome job hosting our special day and engaging our relatives and guests. I think a good wedding emcee needs to strike a balance between conducting formalities and at the same time, create an atmosphere of warmth liveliness. In our opinion, you did just that. Thank you, Linus!"  - Melvin & Wei Li

"My greatest gratitude to Linus for making our special night a memorable one! Together with his equally excellent counterpart, his hosting engaged our guests actively with many surprises! We also received a special gift from Linus with his wonderful rendition of Jacky Cheng's Ai Shi Yong Heng!. Thank you once again Linus!" - Jerome & Cheryl